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These services are for my relatives and possibly a few other nice Gustafsons from the rest of the world.

Email forwarding.
First of all, I think everyone will enjoy having an email address at For instance, an address like To get an address like this, you need to have an existing email account. Send me your current email address and I will create an account for you. We will test it out and then you can start telling your friends the new address at The mail will be automatically forwarded from to your current email account, so you shouldn't have to change any settings on your computer. (You might, however, want to change your email address setting to the address, so that when people reply, they will see that address.)

Additional email aliases.
If you'd like any additional account names, like, let me know. These can be forwarded to different accounts if you like.

What do I do if my email address changes?
If your real email account changes, from say to, just send me the change as soon as you want the email to go to the new address. If your friends have been using your address, you don't need to tell them the new one, because the mail will automatically start going there.

What do I do if I lose my email account for a while?
If you are going to lose your email account for a while, say you are leaving college and don't have a home account yet, then let me know and we can collect your email at If you have access to the Internet through someone else's account, I can help you check your email. Or when you finally get your own email account, I can forward the stored mail from here to your new account.

What if I want to have a home page on the web?
We can do this too, although this will require more sophistication on your part. The url for your web page would be like I have lots of space and if you know enough to do what you want without my frequent intervention, it's all yours.

What if I think of a cool domain name and want to register it?
If you think of a domain name like that you want to reserve before someone else gets it, it costs money, but not much anymore. My domain name provider has begun using unpleasant advertising techniques, so I'm no longer recommending them. But you should be able to register domains for less than $10 a year these days.

(If you don't understand something above, you probably don't want it.)

I make no guarantees, but I expect to keep this domain around indefinitely, so I expect your email address will work as long as you want it. Other than that, just be reasonable; I don't have time to be making changes every day.

-- Geoff Gustafson

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